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Welcome to We are a cosmetic-ingredient collector and we find it useful to collect them. We created this website to share this collection with those who do read the ingredient list on the label before actually spending money for it. Please note that the heart symbols are what we created to describe the products in our point of view and we do not intend to promote or discredit any particular brand. If you disagree, please disregard them.


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  from Canada (25 brands)


Alyria Cliniderm Eminence GM Collin Marcelle
Annabelle Cover FX Euoko Heiko NeoStrata Canada
B Kamins Dermaglow Exuberance Jamieson Reversa
Cake Beauty Dormer Feels Like A Facelift Jouviance Spectro
Caprina Eaurganic Fusion Beauty Lise Watier Vivier
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