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Welcome to I am a cosmetic-ingredient collector! Though it might seem to you that I collect things that seem useless to everyone else, I find it useful to collect this stuff. At first, I created this website for my own happiness and now I thought it would be nice to share this collection with those who do read the ingredient list on the label before actually spending money for it. Everyone is welcome to view my entire collection! Just so you know. The symbols are just something I made up to describe the products in my point of view. I don't mean to promote or discredit any particular brand. You don't have to agree with me because I don't care! If you disagree, please disregard them.


Remember that I do not take any responsibility for any incorrect information on this website. Like everything else on the website, caution is advised.






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Awake Kose Esprique Precious Kose Junkisei Prime Kose Q10 Vital Kose Sekkisui
Beaute de Kose Kose Fasio Kose Junkisui Kose Rutina Kose Softymo
Cosme Decorte Kose Grandaine Kose Moisture Mild Kose Seikisho Kose Whitist
Formule Kose Hyalocharge Kose Moisture Skin Repair Kose Sekkisei
Kose Kose Infinity Kose Predia Kose Sekkisei Supreme
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